Looking for a fresh catch on the West Side? Discover Uncle Nick’s! He was one of the first in the 80’s to bring fresh, moderately priced Greek food to Manhattan, in family-size portions, and he’s been there ever since! We’re not fancy, we don’t dim the lights and our dishes are made to eat, not admire – but when you’re in the mood for a friendly, festive meal – with lots of laughter, good spirits, and generous portions of hearty, Greek cooking, Uncle Nick’s is the place for you.

About Us

We’re especially proud of our selection of dock-fresh seafood, but if meats are your love, you won’t find finer, more succulent dishes than our tender baby lamb, veal and beef entrees, grilled, broiled or baked to perfection. And don’t forget the chicken and quail!

When you’re in the mood to relax, your table is waiting. Look around and you may see Dennis Farina, Armand Assante, Dan Rather, Ernie Anastos or any number of familiar faces from theater, politics, and the movies sampling the same mouth-watering variety of appetizers as you! To Uncle Nick, everyone is family, and everyone gets the same warm welcome. When you’re in New York, but your heart is in Greece, come join us at Uncle Nick’s. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget! Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Credit cards accepted. Take out and delivery also available.

We’d be delighted to cater your next dinner or event.


New York Managize

No, you don’t get to pick out your fish on a glistening bed of shaved ice. Then again, you won’t hear the soundtrack to Zorba the Greek either. What you do hear at Uncle Nick’s is the dink-dank of little plates hitting tiled tables with the unceasing redundancy of a centipede shod in clogs. It becomes obvious that Nick’s extended family is not shy about its bottomless appetite for anything garlicky, spreadable, finger-pickable, and briny.

— Hal Rubenstein


Recommended Dishes: Grilled halibut, Xifias kebob, Spinach pie.

Frommer's Review

For stupendous portions of surprisingly good traditional Greek food at ridiculous prices, come to Uncle Nick’s. Turn off your cellphone upon entering, not because you might disturb your neighbors, but because there is no way you will be able to have a phone conversation in this very loud restaurant. But how can you talk if your mouth is filled with one or more of Nick’s Greek dips like taramosalata or tzatziki, or his perfectly tender, grilled baby octopus. If you haven’t filled up on his appetizers, order one of Nick’s grilled specialties; the grilled lamb kabob is an absolute winner and guaranteed for leftovers while the gyro plate is a challenge for those with even the heartiest appetites. Seafood is also very good, especially the swordfish kabobs. Desserts are standard; you won’t have room for them anyway. Service is friendly to match the rollicking atmosphere here. Next door is the slightly more intimate, Uncle Nick’s Ouzeria specializing in mezedes, Greek small dishes like tapas.

Yahoo Travel Review

This popular Hell’s Kitchen restaurant produces some heavenly Greek dishes, which makes this spot frequently crowded. If you can cope with the lines and manage to ignore the lack of decor, the dining experience is well worth the effort. The combination appetizer plate is a popular choice, as are the delicious and always fresh seafood entrees like the grilled squid and red snapper. The Saganaki (cheese aflame), gyros, moussaka, baked feta, souvlaki and much more are popular here.

City Search Review

Midtown office workers and tourists alike fill this fun and festive dining room for a taste of traditional Greek cuisine. The house specialty is grilled fish: The kitchen tosses everything from calamari to red snapper on the grill with a touch of olive oil, lemon juice and mixed herbs. Non-seafood lovers can choose from saganaki (flaming cheese), grilled lamb and chicken kabobs.

DineSite Review

This no-frills, floor-through Greek restaurant offers good renditions of the traditional dishes (spinach pie, moussaka, kebabs, gyros, souvlaki), but be sure to sample the less common specialty of the house — whole, charcoal-grilled fish. Choose from what is fresh that day; red snapper, striped bass, and flounder are frequently available. Grilling whole fish takes time, so appetizers are definitely in order. Eggplant dip, baked feta, and fried baby squid are good choices. And the tzatziki, a cucumber dip made with yogurt and garlic, is practically addictive, so don`t miss it. The reasonable prices compensate for so-so service. This restaurant serves you a Greek cuisine. Expect the average entrée to cost in the range of $8 to $12, and overall, patrons dress casual.


More Reasons to Go: When weather permits, enjoy outdoor seating.


Eating & Drinking: Open for lunch and dinner.


Details to Note: Reservations are necessary for groups. Delivery is available. Entrances and walkways are wheelchair friendly.


747 9th Ave

New York, NY 10019


C, E, I at 50th St.

N, R at 49th St.


(212) 245-7992